Specifically targeted alkaline Solubility

Our core competence lies in the specific design of our polymers for the defined solubility in aqueous alkaline solutions. They can be dissolved in diluted or weak alkaline solutions starting from a pH value of 9.

The type and duration of the dissolution process are affected by the following factors:

  • Alkaline concentration and pH value
  • Temperature
  • Motion
  • Polymer composition
  • Layer thickness

Combinations of this wide rang of variables enable them to match to match the properties to the specific needs and conditions of each process.

This simplifies the processing conditions considerably – or makes them possible in the first place. Major quality enhancements and cost reductions can be achieved as a result.



BELLAND®Polymers do not influence the bacteria population in waste water treatment plants. The local regulations for the discharge of alkaline solutions into the waste water streams need to be observed.