Environment and Safety


Easy, Safe and Economical

BELLAND®Polymers and BELLAND®Hotmelts are often only used temporarily in processing steps. After fulfilling their function, aqueous alkaline solutions can be used to remove them easily without leaving any residues.

Aqueous alkaline solutions are neither flammable nor volatile. As a result they offer the following advantages in comparison to removal processes that use organic solvents:

o Eco-friendly processing

o No problems with VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds)

o Reduced risks

o No complex authority approval procedures

o No costly fire and explosion-protection measures

o No exhaust air purification

o Simplified occupational health and safety precautions

o Lower investment costs

o Simplified automation


BELLAND®Polymers do not influence the bacteria population in waste water treatment plants. The local regulations for the discharge of alkaline solutions into the waste water streams need to be observed.







Test results - impact on sewage

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