Bonding, Joining & Coating


BELLAND®Hotmelt and Hot Melt Films are water-resistant and can be washed off using conventional alkaline detergents without leaving any residues. This means different components can be joined and then separated again by means of a simple washing process. There are no limits to the creative potential for innovative uses. Consider just a few examples:

Temporary Bonding


BELLAND®Fix&Clear Hotmelt

Examples for the temporary use of adhesive films:

o Dicing i.e. precision cutting of wafer, glasses, ceramics or semiconductors

o Fixation of substrates for light- and electron microscopy

o Grinding and polishing of optical components

After treatment the hot melt film can be removed VOC free.


BELLAND®Hotmelts can be processed in the same way as common hot melts. Pressure Sensitive Adhesives (PSA)

 Examples for temporary fixations with hot melts:

o Adhesive tapes for fixation of re-usable drapes 

o Labels for reusable containers

During washing BELLAND®Hotmelts are removed without leaving any residue.




Graphite-metal bonded
uncut, vertical-and horizontal cut
Product (resistors) replaced residue



Bonded metal on graphite
Cut horizontal and vertical shear strength





Adhesive Tapes

Adhesive tapes with BELLAND®Hotmelt can be removed in simple wash processes without leaving residues. 

BELLAND®Hotmelt has good adhesive properties and is dermatologically and biologically bening, so it can also be used in medical applications.



Label Adhesives

Alkali-soluble adhesive – hot melt pressure sensitive adhesives for labels e.g. transport container logistics labels, which can be removed without leaving any residues



Temporary Coatings

BELLAND®Polymers can be applied like lacquer and they are film-forming. Depending on the composition, the coating is removable with water or alkaline solutions.

There are several grades of polymers available to generate soft and sticky or hard and scratch- resistant coatings. The function of the coating of BELLAND®Polymers could, for example, be a carrier for special additives, protection from mechanical damage or temporary corrosion protection for metals.

Examples of temporary coatings:

o    Surface protection for high quality optical lenses or glasses

o    Protection from mechanical damage

o    Corrosion protection for metals

o    Printing of  surfaces for etching processes

The coating can be removed VOC free.